Sunday, April 24, 2011

best WED snapshot contest!


wont say more. join me! below are the steps n t&c.

#1 easy. just send me your best WED snapshot to my email
including pictures details (aperture, shutter speed, iso) 
#2 post this ads at your blog and let me know
#3 tag your best 3 friends

#1 it MUST be your picture (not from Mr Google, etc ;p)
#2 using manual setting
#3 applicable to Malaysian only

grab this opportunity to win a photography magazine now!! ^^ 


p[A]n[A]d[O]L said...

sampai bla nie?
kalo da x ingat aperture, shuter suma tue amcm?hehehe

al said...

til May 25, 2011. cbe try right click kat gmbr tuh. lau xde, amikla gmbr br lagi. ^^. jgn lpe hebohkan pd kwn2.

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